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Wedding of the year
3 Month Cycle - Wedding Month, Entry Month, Vote Month
window of opportunity
1. Month One. Is the month in which the wedding takes place.
2. Month Two. is an opportunity for brides who were married in Month One to register and supply pictures.
3. Month Three. Is when voting for brides who were married in Month One.
4. Month Four Winners can be seen in decending order under veiw by category where those with the most votes will appear at the top and the least votes at the bottom.
The hall of fame will be updated by the 7th day of each month for the winners in each category
A Voter Point system that gives a fair reflection of generic opinion of what is considered beautifull at weddings.
Visitors Friends and Family
Couples may nominate friends and family to vote for them and will be biased.
Each voter gets a full vote = 1 contributing around 40% towards the final vote count.

Peer-to-peer Voters (where their peers are other brides)
Competition brides from other months and brides to be will be considered unbiased in the months they did not get married.
They have a full vote = 1 effectively contributing around 30% towards the final vote count.

These votes come from wedding providers on yesido and are totaly unbiased votes. They have a 3 vote strength, effectively contributing around 30% towards the final vote count.

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